Its been a while and what a lesson learnt – Bee-keeping in North London

Yep thats right I am still here. Just had some time out planning and a lovely trip with the gf to Croatia, dont worry there was some adventures, a bit of seakayaking etc – and with that I will post a picture!

Anyway upon my return, I set up a meeting with the Harrow Beekeeping Association. After reading all these articles on the growth of urban beekeeping (with all the bees getting hit by mites or weather or both) I wanted to see what the buzz was all about. Unfortunately due to my own stupidity I rocked up on the Sat rather than the Sunday fair……lesson learnt.However thankfully the founder was extremely pleasant and after a random phonecall from a nearby library agreed to show me around! I think I will have to go on bee-keeping part II to bring in a full blog entry, and yes be absolutely, pathetically scared and put the full beekeeping suit on (I dont really think the head dress I put on really cut it!). Still some pictures of the place are below and I made up for it by booking a pretty scary 50 mile mountain run in Switzerland in August……man I have to get down to this blog, lots of happenings outside the virtual world!