Making an old idea real………


We hear everyday about big ideas, plans, projects. All of us in our own way thing of them to escape the boredom on routine or perhaps leave a message to the next generation. Unfortunately life – and all its demands – has a way of pausing these plans.

I have not been boring the last few months – I have travelled across India, ran marathons, cycled across Scotland & much more – and yet I havent remained focused on this ‘mission’. 1 week ago, I think that all changed.

Last week I signed up to the transcontinental race by the Adventurists. The longest, unsupported, solo, stageless bike race I could find and will bring its riders from London all the way to Istanbul. See

Its starts August 2nd. Maybe with some random outings over the next few months -bit of participation as the model for life drawing I think – & this exciting adventure, we can finally get this puppy off the ground.

[And as it has been so long, check out the first post -‘And lets begin’ – to see the mission statement]


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