A Tour de France on your own


With the Tour de France 100th Anniversary just completed, and Chris Froome coming out on top after some mighty and determined displays in the Alps & Pyrenees, the pub talk around me always turns to the fact – ‘Is this the hardest endurance race in the world?’.

This monster of an event, consists of 22 teams of 8-8 cyclists with an army of back-up psychologists, team doctors, masseurs, drivers, chefs and well I suppose coffee boys.  And the Tour’s ‘supply chain’ doesn’t stop there, they have team cars loaded with extra bikes – each costing between $7000-$14000 – handing out water & energy bars. They have lunch placed for riders along the route, so they can keep their head down and bash it out up the mountains. Then of course there are marshalls, route maps, markers, closed roads (no traffic, very important note!). They also have good hotel rooms…

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3 thoughts on “A Tour de France on your own

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