100 ways to meet a million people – Part 1/2

Imagine the Mexican wave......

Imagine the Mexican wave……

With all the cycling, running and triathlon blogs in the last few weeks, I thought I would go back and touch on what exactly is ‘How to meet a million people’ – with 100 on how you could do this massive task. Perhaps one day a brand manager will take me up on the challenge, but if it takes cycling around the world – so be it!

This whole phrase/idea/obsession started 5 years ago, when I was lucky enough to be elected as to the SU in my uni through an intensive two weeks of student canvassing, which relies on 1. A very enthusiastic small group of friends; who worked their butts off for me (thanks lads) and 2. a keen interest in meeting new people. I soon realized the dramatic impact of just ‘meeting’ people and alongside the influence of posted videos on college humour & other sites, I thought  has anyone ever gone out & documented the goal of meeting a million people? Here is the first 50 ways I would go out to do it. Note quite a few videos here so give it a moment to load!

Share a comment with your ideas!

1, Inspirational from College Humour Prank Wars (x2)

I LOVE the fact that the crowd just gets absorbed by the whole concept of the prank – I think you could do the same thing on ‘How to meet a million people’ – want 40,000 tweets at one time, thats how you do it!

2. Be part of the largest gathering of people of Earth – held every 12 years, the Maha Kumbh Mela, a religious festival in India; over 100million visited the festival last year!

3. Playing striker in the Ashbourne Shrovetide Football match

4. Take the gold at RedNeck Olympics

5.Become a refugee at Sealand, the world’s smallest ‘nation’

6. Already planning the costume for RedBull Flugtag


7. Join an isolated tribe festival; yes you can survive without an iPhone

8. Ice fishing with eskimo community, granted there might not be many of them but these are peoples that most of us will never meet in a lifetime!

9. Life model in a warm drawing room


10. Might be a bit nippy after that so better make a jumper at Sheep shearing World Championship

11. Will also need some wellies……Swamp Soccer Finland

12. Try to avoid making an ass out of myself as TV News Anchor…..extra points for being a weatherman!

13. This is where I should make an ass of myself – Clown College

14. After the pressures of entertainment I may want to escape it all – Mongol Rally by the Adventurists, you drive in a rubbish, completely unpractical car from London to Mongolia……really is making life less boring!

15. It was this or Oktoberfest….but would be interested in seeing what all the excitement is about – A Dart international tournament

16. Now this is exciting/terrifying……Wing walking on a plane at a International Flying festival

17. My mum might prefer this….Conduct an orchestra

18. We should all do this – Volunteer at soup kitchen (not just at Christmas!)

19. Aim high…Graduation speech at your old school

20. Caddie for a pro golfer, perhaps in sunny Australia!

21. You have 48 hours to get as far away as possible…..with no money……College Jailbreak

22. This is just plain stupid and I love it….Cheese rolling championship, try not to break anything

23. We all know you did it last night at the club…….Air Guitar World Championships

24.Before there was rugby there was Buzkashi….like rugby but on horses and with a dead goat, oh and also Afghanistan’s national sport!

25. Could I even be the first in like 20 years to score a goal at the Eton Wall Game?

26. All this rough and tumble, time to get some peace – Summer Solistice at Stonehenge

27. I’ll bring my mum on this one – London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

28. Although she might not appreciate me getting hitched at a mass wedding……wish that mock wedding we had planned in college had turned out better!

29. Might need to learn the legal system for that divorce…become a member of a jury; apparently you can get a verdict ‘wrong’! See below:

30. I wonder what I wonder what skill I can offer as currency, I’m told there is no money at the Burning Man festival

31. Watching hours of reruns is allowed while planning costume for Star Trek Convention

32. They might even give you the costume at historical mock battle

33. Way too much excitement for one day……24 Hours on a rollercoaster

34. 2 hours of madness at the tomato fight at La Tomatino

35. Become the host at Gay Bingo! My Monday night is made!

36. Trust me, Google this – Improv Everywhere; so simple, so brilliant – the high five escalator to cheer everyone up!

You may remember these guys from the Flash Mob idea!

High five escalator is closely followed by standing around in Best Buy

37. Busking on the Tube/Underground

38. Being forever immortalized on DAVE by taking part in a game show – take your pick!

Bright yellow T-shirt I think

Bright yellow T-shirt I think

39. Wreck my dad’s old car at a Destruction Derby

40. Racing a horse, nah too normal – Camel racing at The Two Tims, Alice Springs, Australia

41. Rowing is particularly hard when you are hanging and bumping into each other deliberately – Oxford Bumps

42. A mixture of brain and brawn – Chess Boxing

43. My body is my canvass – World Body Painting festival

44. Needs to be a bit more original than race car driving……..Hovercraft racing

45. Although there is always room for caravans – British Caravan Grand Prix

46. A test of true ‘Manliness’……Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

47. Though eating that was hard?…..UK Nettle Eating Championships

48. Need to burn off all that eating…..World Sauna Championships

49. And get into shape – Natural Bodybuilding contest – quite impressed by Jodie Marsh on this

50. Its not for the glory or the money……maybe the free lunch? Become a movie extra

Got any suggestions on what should be in Part 2? Let me know in the comments! Don’t worry underwater ice hockey is number 51 :p


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