What the hell is this blog all about?

When you are old and grey, what stories will you tell people? A few years ago I set myself a challenge to ‘Meet a million people’ by taking part in all sorts of events, races and travelling across the world. The project has just started but has already included:

– The Quick Energy Transcontinental’ unsupported, solo, non-stop bike race from London to Istanbul.

[This race, as the organisers (www.theadventurists.com) have put it, will be ‘injecting a bit of Adventurism into the cycling world to shake things up a bit; away with boring stuff like routes and support teams, instead we’ve got Find-Your-Own-Way and Sort-Yourself-Out if there’s a problem’.]

– Followed by a 6 week overland trip from Greece to Singapore – trains, buses, boats through Eastern Europe, Siberia and SE Asia

So alongside my twitter feed – @NWlongworth – this blog will account for some of my experiences as I undertake this ambitious project……I think a Deca Ironman is the next big one………



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