Can you answer these ‘Sitting’ Sports Pub Quiz questions? i.e. cycling, rowing, sailing etc – Something a little bit light hearted; Part 1


So we have a pub quiz on tonight (Wed 31st July) in the cycling cafe Look Mum No Hands (at 6.30pm) to raise money for Streetlytes and kind of a send off for my cycle fundraiser from London to Istanbul. Anyway, although I will post the actual quiz questions tomorrow, here is a few questions we needed to drop (as we had to many but really because some of these are quite HARD!!!). Have a go and comment your answers below – no cheating!

  1. In what events did David Weir win his 4 gold medals in the Olympics?
  2. What was the name of the paralympic cyclist who made the shortlist of the 2012 Sports Personality of the Year award?
  3. What part of the UK is cyclist Mark Cavendish from?
  4. What brand of bike does Team Sky currently use?
  5. In which individual track discipline did Wiggins successfully defend in Beijing Olympics?
  6. Which race did Wiggins, along with Mark Cavendish finish 9th in the Beijing Olympics? Hint – This event has now been dropped from the Olympics
  7. What year did Lewis Hamilton win Formula one World Championship?
  8. In terms of most wins in Formula 1, if Michael Schumacher is 1st and Alain Prost is 2nd, who is 3rd?
  9. Who am I: Many consider me as the greatest chess player that ever lived. I was an American chess grandmaster and the 11th World Chess Champion, which I won from Boris Spassky of the USSR in a match widely publicized as a Cold War confrontation. It was the only time chess made primetime television. I came in conflict with the US government after a rematch in 1992 in Yugoslavia which was under a UN embargo, and never returned to my native country. I died in Iceland in 2008.
  10. Who are the 3 members of the gold winning women’s pursuit team in London 2012? (1 point if they get 2, 2 points if they get 3)
  11. How many Grand Tours has Eddy Merckx won? (Bonus Point) and in which Tour de France did he win all rider classifications
  12. What event did Amy Williams win in the 2010 Winter Olympics?
  13. What adventure & endurance feat did Ben Fogle and the Olympic rower James Cracknell complete in 2005?
  14. What was the name of the white water canoe slalom centre during the 2012 Olympics?
  15. Which European country has the most gold medals in wheelchair fencing since its inclusion in the paralympic games since 1960?
  16. If I was to cycle to the northern tip of Scotland which town may I pass through? i.e what is the northernmost town on the British mainland and we are not including John O’Groats 4 houses and holiday homes!
  17. What adventure & endurance feat did Ben Fogle and the Olympic rower James Cracknell complete in 2005?

Why I picked the RFU Injured Players Foundation as one of my charities for the Transcontinental bike race (London-Istanbul) in 9 days

I didn’t know Stuart in my time in Rockwell College, but he was an extremely popular guy and one of the dorm peers of my brother. It was an absolutely tragic accident when Stuart was paralyzed neck down from a collapsed scrum and has now passed away. The guy was only my age and I hope to raise money in my race in August in his memory.

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